Biodegradable • All Natural • Cruelty Free • Paraben Free



Dare To Be Different

Skincare applicators hasn't changed much for over 60 years. Bubbeau offers a new way to experience skincare. If you like your current products, that's totally OK! For the rest of us who's looking for something different to experience, give Bubbeau's patent-pending beads a try!

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Bubbeau Cuticle Oil Beads Box Set
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Bubbeau Cuticle Oil Beads Box Set Bubbeau Cuticle Oil Beads Box Set
Bubbeau Cuticle Oil Beads Box Set
Bubbeau Cuticle Oil Beads Box Set
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Why Bubbeau?

  • Biodegradable • All Natural • Cruelty Free

    Toss it in your sink, toilet, or on the ground, it doesn't matter! Bubbeau shells are made from plant-based cellulose!

  • Oil Oxidizes. Bubbeau Helps Prevent it

    All oils, regardless of their source or form, will eventually oxidize. Rancid oils can be toxic, and sometimes you might not even know they’re rancid.

  • You Don't Need Another Container

    We're excited to be a part of the refill revolution! No micro plastics from brushes, no excessive plastic parts from containers, and our refill bags create less waste than most.


Popping Bubbeaus are so fun and addictive, your skin will thank you!


Simply put, we encapsulated a bunch of all-natural oils that are good for your skin.


Got one for myself last month and still in awe everytime I use these cute little crystal beads. They work wonders with my cuticle and nails since I don't have any routine nail care, but now I have one...🫶

I highly recommend Bubbeau for busy women👩‍🔬👩‍⚕️ who hardly have time for a nail spa😊

Mary Ann Julio L.

My favorite steps in my nail care routine is cuticle oil. There is nothing else in the market quite like this! Aaandddd it smells AMAZING! Overall soooo good! 👍🏼

Dorismar C.

I love that storage is mess free thanks to the individual beads...the beads are biodegradable...perfect for travelling...are fun to will be living in my purse so I don't ruin any more bag interiors with leaking oil from my DIY rollers!


Thanks for making oiling our cuticles such a satisfying experience! I love these beads so much. The scent is light and vanilla-y. The encapsulation means the oil won't get rancid. And the sensory appeal of popping the beads is just so fun. 😆

Hannah J.

So perfect to keep in my purse and car!! I’m going to try and be better at moisturizing this year!

They are soooo fun! And I love that they stay fresh! I have a few oils that end up getting that funny smell after a couple months.


These are so fun! There are a couple of huge advantages to this product! A big one for me is how great it is to travel with. I've had some bad luck trying to carry around cuticle oil before...The Bubbeau shells are a lot sturdier than I was expecting.


The oil was absorbed quickly and it has a very light citrusy scent which I love! I had to refrain myself from popping all of them 😆 so satisfying!


This is definitely a unique way to hydrate nails and cuticles with less waste! I was really impressed by this new way of applying cuticle oil.

Denise P.


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