• Bubbeau: Skincare, Reimagined

    We're not your typical skincare founders. Forget the years of industry experience – we're Donnie and Dan, and our backgrounds are anything but typical in this space. You might expect us in suits and ties, not formulating oils. But here's the thing: we believe in Bubbeau so fiercely, we're ready to break the mold as underdogs, pushing past rejections to make waves.

    It all started with a reunion a decade in the making. While reminiscing over good food, skincare (of all things!) took center stage. Dan, with his love for self-care, was met with frustration – his facial oil kept turning rancid before he could use it all. I chimed in with a similar story, loathing those droppers and pumps. We saw the undeniable benefits of facial oils, but the user experience was lacking.

    That's where the spark ignited. We knew there had to be a better way – a way to make skincare fun, enjoyable, and less of a chore.

    Enter Bubbeau: a brand built by outsiders, for everyone. Our biodegradable bead technology helps ensure freshness while making skincare so enjoyable that you can't wait to pop another bead! Bubbeau isn't just a product; it's a testament to the power of friendship and the audacity to challenge the status quo.

  • Donnie & Dan's Story

    Forget your sappy best friend stories. In junior high, Dan was a prankster, always messing with me (Donnie) until chasing each other around school became a daily ritual. Somehow, a friendship sprouted from that chaos. We bonded over stuff many of our peers couldn't relate to – getting bullied for being Asian and growing up in single-parent homes in a tough neighborhood. Our neighborhood presented its own challenges: many of our peers seemed to have it all – affluent families and bright futures. We didn't fit that mold. We were the outsiders, even in our own culture sometimes. This led us down the wrong path – the streets felt like the only place we fit in. Despite our circumstances, we both harbored a burning entrepreneurial spirit – a dream of building something of our own. This ambition never truly faded, even amidst the challenges we faced.

    I, Donnie, ambitiously decided to leave our hometown, Toronto, and move back to the country where I was born, Taiwan. Determined to turn my life around, I found success in the restaurant industry, eventually building a thriving chain that I sold to a national hotel group in Taiwan. This success fueled my entrepreneurial spirit even further, leading me to explore different business ventures and become a seasoned consultant.

    Fast forward 12 years, and fate reunites us in Taiwan. We picked up right where we left off. We both still had that itch to create something together. This reunion is what sparked Bubbeau. Our rough past made us tough, but more importantly, it shaped our unique perspective. We understand the struggles of feeling like outsiders, and that's what makes Bubbeau more than just a skincare brand. It's for everyone who's ever felt different, a reminder that you can forge your own path and create something amazing. With Bubbeau, we're not just shaking things up in the skincare industry, we're building a community for those who dare to be different. We’re two outsiders in the skincare industry that’s starting from the bottom. Let’s go!